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Care of the plant Ipomoea indica or Blue morning glory.

Care of the plant Ipomoea indica or Blue morning glory

The genus Ipomoea, family Convolvulaceae, comprises 300 species of climbing plants native to America and Africa. Some species are: Ipomoea indica, Ipomoea cairica, Ipomaea alba, Ipomoea tricolor, Ipomoea purpurea, Ipomoea acuminata, Ipomoea lobata, Ipomoea hederacea, Ipomoea coccinea.

Common names: Blue morning glory, Oceanblue morning glory, Blue dawn flower. This species comes from tropical and subtropical regions of the American continent.

They are perennial climbing plants that reach 6 meters in length. The leaves are deep green, heart shaped and have 3 lobes. The abundant flowers are funnel-shaped, purplish-blue in color, and last for a day. They bloom from late spring to fall.

These fast-growing plants are used to cover fences, walls and pergolas or to cover slopes.

The Ipomoea indica grows in regions with a warm-temperate climate in full sun exposure and protected from the wind. They do not resist frost; the winter temperature should not be less than 7 ºC.

They prefer well-drained soil rich in organic matter; they can grow in poor soils.

Water abundantly in summer; reduce watering the rest of the year without allowing the substrate to dry out completely.

Fertilize every 15 days with liquid fertilizer when the first flower buds appear until flowering ends.

Prune after flowering to control their development because they tend to be invasive.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases. The worst enemies of these plants are caterpillars.

They propagate by cuttings, by division or by seeds sown in late winter.


Images of the plant Ipomoea indica or Blue morning glory

Ipomoea indica
Ipomoea indica
Ipomoea indica
Ipomoea indica