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Care of the plant Hymenosporum flavum or Native frangipani.

Care of the tree Hymenosporum flavum or Native frangipani

The genus Hymenosporum, family Pittosporaceae, includes a single species of tree native to Australia: Hymenosporum flavum.

Common name: Native frangipani. This species is native to Queensland and New South Wales in Australia and New Guinea.

They are small trees or evergreen shrubs of elongated bearing that reach 8 meters (26.24 feet) in height. The leaves are glossy dark green, 16 cm (6.29") in length, and resemble some Pittosporum species. The flowers are 5 cm (1.96") in diameter, highly perfumed, cream-colored and then yellow. They bloom from late winter to early spring.

They are used as isolated specimens, in small groups, in pots and in public parks. They attract butterflies and birds. Do not plant near buildings because their roots are invasive.

Hymenosporum flavum prefers a semi-shady exposure, protected from cold and wind and a dry summer and wet winter climate. Adult specimens resist occasional frosts.

They can grow in sandy, calcareous or clay soils; they prefer a light, well-drained substrate that contains organic matter.

They resist several days of drought but they appreciate regular watering in spring and summer waiting for the substrate to have dried.

Fertilize with compost or manure in late winter.

Prune young specimens lightly after flowering to maintain a compact appearance.

They do not have serious pest and disease problems if they are not exposed to continuous cold.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring or fall and by semi-mature cuttings in fall.

Images of the tree Hymenosporum flavum or Native frangipani

Hymenosporum flavum
Hymenosporum flavum
Hymenosporum flavum