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Care of the plant Griselinia littoralis or Kapuka.

Care of the tree Griselinia littoralis or Kapuka

The genus Griselinia, family Griseliniaceae, comprises 7 species of trees and shrubs native to New Zealand and South America. The species are: Griselinia littoralis, Griselinia lucida, Griselinia scandens, Griselinia racemosa, Griselinia carlomunozii, Griselinia ruscifolia, Griselinia jodinifolia.

Common names: Kapuka, New Zealand broadleaf, Papauma. This species is native to New Zealand.

They are dioecious trees that reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height. They have thick, shiny and leathery leaves, oval in shape and slightly wavy; there is a variety of variegated leaves. The small greenish-yellow flowers have no petals and appear in 5 cm long panicles. The fruits are black berries.

Kapuka is ideal for coastal gardens because of its resistance to salinity. It's used to form hedges and screens and next to pools and ponds. It's suitable for growing in pots.

Griselinia littoralis needs full sun or semi-shade exposure. It resists frost down to -10 ºC (14 ºF).

New Zealand broadleaf can grow in any type of soil that is well drained.

Water moderately throughout the year (never flood) waiting until the substrate has dried; slightly increase watering in summer.

Fertilize with leaf mulch or compost in spring and fall. In spring fertilize once a month with mineral fertilizer.

Prune lightly in summer to maintain a compact appearance and eliminate dry branches.

Griselinia littoralis is a plant resistant to pests and diseases.

New Zealand broadleaf propagates in summer from soft cuttings.

Images of the tree Griselinia littoralis or Kapuka

Griselinia littoralis variegata
Griselinia littoralis variegata