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Care of the plant Escallonia illinita or Escallonia viscosa.

Care of the shrub Escallonia illinita or Escallonia viscosa

The genus Escallonia, family Escalloniaceae, comprises 150 species of shrubs and trees native to the American continent. Some species are: Escallonia illinita, Escallonia rubra, Escallonia revoluta, Escallonia pulverulenta, Escallonia pendula, Escallonia resinosa, Escallonia serrata.

Formerly known as Escallonia viscosa, is native to Chile.

They are evergreen shrubs with arched branches (reddish and gray) that reach 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) in height. The interesting sticky foliage has a curry smell; the leaves are twisted and deep green. They produce panicles with white flowers. They bloom during the spring.

They are used to form bushy groups, as isolated specimens and in pots for patios and terraces.

Escallonia illinita prefers full sun exposure although it can grow in light shade. They resist freezes of -15 ºC (5 ºF).

The soil can be a light garden substrate with 25% compost and 20% coarse sand; they can be grown on poor, stony soils.

Water regularly in depth, waiting until the substrate has dried almost completely; they do not resist flooding.

Fertilize with compost in late winter and mineral fertilizer in early spring.

Prune lightly after flowering to stimulate the appearance of more branches.

They are plants quite resistant to pests and diseases; if the drought is excessive they can be attacked by aphids.

They propagate by cuttings in summer or by seeds sown in spring or autumn in the seedbed.

Images of the shrub Escallonia illinita or Escallonia viscosa

Escallonia illinita
Escallonia illinita
Escallonia illinita
Escallonia illinita