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Care of the plant Erica gracilis or Cape heath.

Care of the plant Erica gracilis or Cape heath

The genus Erica, family Ericaceae, comprises 700 species of shrubs native to Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean region. Some species are: Erica gracillis, Erica arborea, Erica umbellata, Erica multiflora, Erica hyemalis, Erica erigena.

Common names: Cape heath, Heather family, Pink bell heather. This species is native to South Africa.

They are small compact shrubs that reach 40 cm in height. The leaves are small, linear and deep green in color. The abundant globose flowers are pink or white. They bloom in fall and can bloom again in early spring.

They are used in pots and to cover small areas of the garden protected from the cold. They attract bees.

The Erica gracilis prefers full sun exposure and warm climates such as the Mediterranean climate. They resist frosts down to -2 ºC.

They can grow in any well-drained soil: calcareous, rocky, sandy or poor. The pot transplant is done in spring.

Water moderately, waiting until the soil has dried. They resist several days of drought.

They do not need fertilizers.

Prune faded flowers after flowering; Prune in early spring to maintain compact growth.

They are resistant to pests but are sensitive to overwatering.

They propagate from lateral shoot cuttings in early spring.


Images of the plant Erica gracilis or Cape heath

Erica gracilis
Erica gracilis
Erica gracilis