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Care of the plant Dombeya rotundifolia or Wild pear.

Care of the plant Dombeya rotundifolia or Wild pear

The genus Dombeya, family Malvaceae, includes 400 species of shrubs and trees native to Africa, Central America, and Madagascar. Some species are: Dombeya rotundifolia, Dombeya burgessiae, Dombeya wallichii, Dombeya punctata, Dombeya tiliacea, Dombeya acerifolia, Dombeya x cayeuxii.

Common names: Pink Ball Tree, Tropical Hydrangea. This species is native of South Africa.

They are small deciduous trees with a rounded crown and fast growth that reach 6 meters in height. The leaves are ovate or rounded, green, with very marked veins and a slightly wavy edge. The flowers appear before the leaves in large clusters, they are scented and white. They bloom in spring. The hairy fruits are 0.6 cm in diameter and have a round capsule shape.

They are used as isolated specimens in small or medium gardens, in public parks and streets or next to buildings (the roots are not aggressive). They attract butterflies, bees, and birds. They are also used as bonsai.

Dombeya rotundifolia prefers full sun exposure but can grow in semi-shade. They resist light frosts but it's better not to expose them to temperatures below 3ºC.

Although they can live in dry, stony soils they will appreciate well-drained garden soil that contains some leaf mulch or compost.

Water regularly in summer waiting for the substrate to dry. They resist several days of drought.

Fertilize with compost or manure in the fall.

Prune to keep it compact when flowering ends.

They are resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

They propagate by cuttings made in late summer or by seeds sown in spring.


Images of the plant Dombeya rotundifolia or Wild pear

Dombeya rotundifolia
Dombeya rotundifolia
Dombeya rotundifolia