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Care of the plant Deutzia scabra or Fuzzy deutzia.

Care of the shrub Deutzia scabra or Fuzzy deutzia

The genus Deutzia, family Hydrangeaceae, includes 60 species of shrubs native to Central Asia and the Far East. Some species are: Deutzia scabra, Deutzia gracilis, Deutzia pulchra, Deutzia staminea.

Common name: Fuzzy deutzia. This species is native to Japan.

They are deciduous shrubs that reach 2 meters (6.56 feet) in height. They have serrated, oval, dark green, fluff-coated leaves. The flowers appear in clusters, sometimes hanging, with the shape of a single or double bell; they can be white or pink. They bloom in summer.

Fuzzy deutzia is used to form bushy groups, as isolated specimens and to form hedges. It can be grown in pots for terraces and balconies.

Deutzia scabra grows in full sun and semi-shade exposures. It is resistant to cold but it is better not to expose it to intense frosts.

Fuzzy deutzia can be grown in any type of soil; it only needs a good drainage so that the water does not puddle. If it grows in a pot, they are transplanted in spring.

Planting is done in autumn, when there is no danger of frost. After planting, water abundantly. The humidity of the soil must be constant during the flowering period.

In autumn fertilize with manure; in spring and summer fertilize with mineral fertilizer every 15 days.

Deutzia scabra is a resistant plant to the usual pests and diseases.

Fuzzy deutzia propagates by division of shoots that appear at the base of the plant; also by semi-woody cuttings (in spring and summer).

Images of the shrub Deutzia scabra or Fuzzy deutzia

Deutzia scabra
Deutzia scabra
Deutzia scabra