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Care of the shrub Cestrum x cultum or Purple Cestrum.

Care of the shrub Cestrum x cultum or Purple Cestrum

The genus Cestrum, family Solanaceae, includes more than 170 species of shrubs native to tropical regions of America, especially Mexico. Some species are: Cestrum elegans, Cestrum parqui, Cestrum confertum, Cestrum nocturnum, Cestrum peruvianum, Cestrum alternifolium.

Common names: Purple Cestrum, Purple Bastard Jasmine. It is a hybrid between the species Cestrum elegans and Cestrum parqui.

They are fast-growing evergreen shrubs that reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. The lanceolate-elliptic leaves are up to 8 cm (3.14") long and green. The tubular flowers appear in terminal corymbs and change color depending on the season or sun exposure: lilac, pink, rosy-purple, or bluish-purple. They can bloom from late spring to late fall. The entire plant is toxic if swallowed.

They are used as isolated specimens, in bushy groups, along walls and fences, and in pots for patios and terraces. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

The Cestrum x cultum prefers full sun exposure but also grows in semi-shade although it will produce fewer flowers. It resists occasional frosts down to -5 ºC (23 ºF) but they lose their leaves.

The soil can be a normal well-drained garden soil with coarse sand and containing abundant organic matter. The transplant is done in early spring if the roots appear below the pot.

Water regularly in spring and summer so that the substrate does not dry out completely (never puddle). In autumn and winter reduce watering.

Fertilize with compost, manure or earthworm humus in early spring.

Prune at the end of winter to control growth and maintain a compact habit.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases but sensitive to cold and excess watering.

They are easily propagated by terminal cuttings.

Images of the shrub Cestrum x cultum or Purple Cestrum

Cestrum x cultum
Cestrum x cultum
Cestrum x cultum