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Care of the plant Abelia triflora or Indian abelia.

Care of the shrub Abelia triflora or Indian abelia

The genus Abelia, family Caprifoliaceae, includes 30 species and hybrids of shrubs native to Asia and Mexico. Some species and hybrids are: Abelia triflora, Abelia x grandiflora, Abelia chinensis, Abelia floribunda, Abelia parvifolia.

Common names: Indian abelia, Himalayan abelia, Triflora abelia. Scientific synonyms: Zabelia triflora and Linnaea triflora. This species is native to Asia.

They are deciduous shrubs with an erect and highly branched habit that reach 4 meters (13 feet) in height. The leaves are oval or lanceolate, dark dull green and up to 6 cm (2.36 ") long. The scented white or pink flowers appear in hanging clusters. They bloom in early summer.

They are used as single specimens and in groups to form screens.

Abelia triflora prefers full sun exposure but also grows in semi-shade. They resist frosts down to -15 ºC (5 ºF).

The soil can be normal garden soil with coarse sand and organic matter. Planting is done in early spring or autumn.

Water regularly all year round so that the substrate is always slightly damp. They do not resist drought or waterlogging.

Fertilize with compost or manure in autumn and with mineral fertilizer every 20 days in spring.

Prune lightly in late winter or after flowering to maintain a compact appearance.

They are quite resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated by cuttings in spring and from seed sown in the nursery in early spring.

Images of the shrub Abelia triflora or Indian abelia

Abelia triflora
Abelia triflora
Abelia triflora
Abelia triflora
Abelia triflora
Abelia triflora