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Care of the plant Croton chilensis or Oxydectes chilensis.

Care of the shrub Croton chilensis or Oxydectes chilensis

The genus Croton, family Euphorbiaceae, includes more than 1,100 species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants distributed throughout tropical regions of the entire planet. Some species are: Croton chilensis, Croton californicus, Croton malambo, Croton eluteria, Croton quercetorum, Croton xalapensis.

Scientific synonym: Oxydectes chilensis. This species is native to Chile.

They are evergreen shrubs with a rounded shape that reach 1 meter (3.28 feet) in height. The interesting oval-corded, hairy, velvety-textured leaves are light green with a serrated edge. They produce spikes of yellow flowers, female at the bottom and male at the end of the inflorescence.

Oxydectes chilensis is an ideal plants for Mediterranean coastal gardens to form bushy groups, low hedges, to cover dry slopes or for cultivation in pots.

Croton chilensis can be grown in semi-shade or full sun exposure. It does not resist frost.

Oxydectes chilensis can grow in dry, poor, stony or sandy soils; it is important that the drainage is excellent.

Croton chilensis is very resistant to drought shrubs; water sparingly waiting for the soil to be completely dry; it appreciates certain humidity.

Fertilizers are not necessary.

Oxydectes chilensis can be pruned after flowering to eliminate wilted flowers and maintain a compact appearance.

Croton chilensis is a plant resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to excess watering.

Oxydectes chilensis propagates by cuttings or by seeds sown in spring.

Images of the shrub Croton chilensis or Oxydectes chilensis

Croton chilensis
Croton chilensis
Croton chilensis
Croton chilensis