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Care of the plant Coprosma repens or Mirror bush.

Care of the shrub Coprosma repens or Mirror bush

The genus Coprosma, family Rubiaceae, includes 200 species of shrubs and trees native to Australia, Borneo, Java, New Zealand and other islands in the Pacific Ocean. Some species are: Coprosma repens, Coprosma ciliata, Coprosma grandifolia, Coprosma acerosa, Coprosma waima, Coprosma rhamnoides.

Common names: New Zealand laurel, Mirror bush, Tree bedstraw, Looking-glass bush, Taupata. This species is native to New Zealand.

They are fast growing shrubs that can reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height; in the garden they do not usually exceed 2 meters (6.56 feet) in height. They are very interesting for their shiny and thick oval-shaped leaves. These dioecious plants produce small white flowers that are not very decorative; female plants produce orange fruits that are quite decorative (male and female plants are needed to bear fruit).

They are used for hedges, covering groups and even in pots for terraces. They are ideal for gardens by the sea.

Coprosma repens needs full sun exposure (especially in its variegated forms); it can grow in semi-shade but the leaves will shine less. They resist occasional frosts down to -5 ºC (23 ºF).

They can grow in calcareous soils but prefer light and fertile soils (with organic matter). The transplant is done in spring.

Water moderately taking into account that they are very resistant to drought; wait for the substrate to dry.

They support pruning very well to maintain a compact bearing.

They are resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

They propagate by cuttings in late winter.

Images of the shrub Coprosma repens or Mirror bush

Coprosma repens
Coprosma repens
Coprosma repens
Coprosma repens variegata
Coprosma repens variegata
Coprosma repens
Coprosma Inferno