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Care of the plant Cistus parviflorus or Rock Rose.

Care of the shrub Cistus parviflorus or Rock Rose

The genus Cistus, family Cistaceae, comprises 20 species of shrubs native to the Mediterranean region. Some species are: Cistus parviflorus, Cistus monspeliensis, Cistus ladanifer, Cistus creticus, Cistus albidus, Cistus villosus, Cistus x pulverulentus, Cistus x skanbergii, Cistus salviifolius.

Common names: Small-Flowered Cistus, Rockrose, Rock Rose. This species is native to eastern Mediterranean.

They are compact shrubs that reach 60 cm n(1.96 feet) in height. They have ovate leaves that are greyish green on the upper side and greenish on the underside. The interesting and abundant pale pink flowers (3 cm/1.18" in diameter) bloom in early spring.

They are ideal plants for Mediterranean coastal gardens, in rockery, on dry and sunny slopes, on borders and in bushy groups.

Cistus parviflorus can be grown in full sun or light shade exposure. They resist frosts of -8 ºC (17.6 ºF).

These plants prefer well-drained, limestone soils. Planting is done in spring.

Water moderately, waiting for the soil to be completely dry; they resist drought well.

Fertilizers are not necessary.

Prune lightly after flowering to maintain a compact appearance and favor the next flowering.

They are very resistant to the usual pests and diseases but fear overwatering.

They propagate by seeds sown in early spring or by cuttings in summer.

Images of the shrub Cistus parviflorus or Rock Rose

Cistus parviflorus
Cistus parviflorus