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Care of the plant Calluna vulgaris or Common heather.

Care of the plant Calluna vulgaris or Common heather

The genus Calluna, family Ericaceae, includes 8 species of shrubs native to Europe and Asia. Some species of the genus are: Calluna vulgaris, Calluna atlantica, Calluna erica, Calluna beleziana.

Common names: Common heather, Ling. This species is native to Europe.

They are small shrubs with an erect or creeping bearing that almost reach 1 meter in height. The tiny leaves are 2 mm long and green. The abundant flowers appear in thick terminal clusters of white, red, pink or yellow. They bloom from summer to late fall.

These hardy plants are used for borders, alpine rockery and in pots and planters for balconies and terraces.

Calluna vulgaris prefers full sun exposure but can also grow in semi-shade. They resist sporadic and low intensity frosts; it is better that the temperature does not drop below 5 ºC. They do not like intense heat.

It's important that the soil is acidic because they do not tolerate lime.

Water moderately in spring and summer and reduce watering the rest of the year.

Fertilize with compost or manure in the fall.

Prune them in early spring, removing dead flowers.

Overwatering (never waterlogging) rots the roots. They do not usually present pest problems.

They propagate from cuttings in late summer.

Images of the plant Calluna vulgaris or Common heather

Calluna vulgaris
Calluna vulgaris
Calluna vulgaris
Calluna vulgaris