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Care of the plant Calceolaria or Slipper flower.

Care of the plant Calceolaria or Slipper flower

The genus Calceolaria, family Calceolariaceae, comprises 300 species of perennial plants, annuals and shrubs native to Mexico and South America. Some species are: Calceolaria herbeohybrida, Calceolaria mexicana, Calceolaria bicolor, Calceolaria rugosa, Calceolaria biflora.

Common names: Lady's purse, Slipper flower, Pocketbook flower, Slipperwort. This species is native to northwest Brazil.

They are small herbaceous plants that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height. The broad leaves are grouped in whorls and are deep green in color. The curious flowers are yellow or red and have a slipper-shaped underside.

They are used to create flower beds in gardens or as a houseplant in rooms without heating.

Calceolaria needs a light exposure but without direct sun. An average annual temperature of 10-20 ºC (50-68 ºF) is very important.

They can be grown in any commercial substrate for indoor plants; the soil is a mixture of peat and coarse sand. Transplant in late winter.

Water abundantly with lime-free water (never puddle).

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer during the flowering season.

They can be attacked by viruses (quickly kill affected plants) or by green flies (yellow or brown spots appear on the leaves).

They propagate by seeds sown in late spring but it's a complicated process.

Fare of the plant Calceolaria or Slipper flower