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Care of the plant Calathea crocata or Eternal Flame plant.

Care of the indoor plant Calathea crocata or Eternal Flame plant

The genus Calathea, family Marantaceae, comprises 100 species of herbaceous plants native to the tropical forests of America, Africa and Australia. Some species are: Calathea crocata, Calathea makoyana, Calathea zebrina, Calathea ornata, Calathea insignis, Calathea lutea, Calathea roseopicta.

Common name: Eternal Flame plant. This species is native to Brazil.

They are very interesting tropical herbaceous plants for their leaves and flowers. They have oval, dark green leaves with gray spots and purple reflections. The flowers are small but wrapped in showy orange bracts.

Calathea crocata is used as indoor plants in well-lit exhibitions but without direct sun.

The humidity must be high; It's advisable to spray the plant periodically with lime-free water if the temperature is above 20 ºC (68 ºF). Wet gravel can also be placed in a plate under the pot. In winter the temperature should not be lower than 15 ºC (59 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of 3 parts of peat, 1 of coarse sand and 1 of leaf mulch. Transplant them each year to a slightly larger pot in late spring.

Water abundantly with lime-free water in spring and summer; from mid-autumn and in winter, water when the substrate surface dries.

Fertilize every 15 days, in spring and summer, with mineral fertilizer for indoor plants.

Eternal Flame plant can be attacked by mites if the humidity is low.

Calathea crocata propagates by division at the time of transplantation.

Images of the indoor plant Calathea crocata or Eternal Flame plant

Calathea crocata
Calathea crocata
Calathea crocata