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Care of the plant Brugmansia suaveolens or Snowy angel's trumpet.

Care of the shrub Brugmansia suaveolens or Snowy angel's trumpet

The genus Brugmansia, family Solanaceae, comprises 7 species of shrubs or small trees native to Mexico, Central and South America. Some species are: Brugmansia suaveolens, Brugmansia aurea, Brugmansia arborea, Brugmansia sanguinea, Brugmansia versicolor.

Common name: Angel's tears, Brazil's white angel trumpet, Snowy angel's trumpet. This species is native to Southeast Brazil.

They are perennial shrubs that reach 4 meters (13.12 feet) in height. The leaves are 30 cm (11.8 feet) long, are arranged alternately, are oval in shape and the veins are very marked. The showy hanging trumpet-shaped flowers are 30 cm (11.8 feet) in length and are scented (especially at night); They can be pink, white, reddish, or yellow. They bloom from mid-summer to late fall.

They are used in large pots for patios, indoors or greenhouses in cold winters regions; in regions without frost they cultivate as isolated specimens or to form bushy groups.

Brugmansia suaveolens can grow in full sun and semi-shade exposures. In winter the temperature should not be less than 5 ºC (41 ºF); at less than 12 ºC (53.6 ºF) the plant goes to rest and can be stored in areas of the house with less lighting.

The soil has to be well drained and contain a lot of organic matter. They transplant from the pot when the roots protrude from the bottom of the pot.

Water regularly waiting for the soil to dry out.

Fertilize with manure or compost in late winter and with mineral fertilizer every 20 days during spring.

Prune after flowering to cause more flower production the following year and to maintain a compact appearance.

If it's very hot they can lose leaves; They can also be attacked by whiteflies, mealybugs, aphids, caterpillars or mites.

They propagate by semi-mature cuttings in summer or by seeds sown in spring.

Images of the shrub Brugmansia suaveolens or Snowy angel's trumpet

Brugmansia suaveolens
Brugmansia suaveolens