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Care of the plant Brachyscome multifida or Cut-leaved daisy.

Care of the plant Brachyscome multifida or Cut-leaved daisy

The genus Brachyscome, family Asteraceae, comprises 75 species of herbaceous plants native to Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand. Some species are: Brachyscome multifida, Brachyscome segmentsa, Brachyscome ciliaris, Brachyscome iberidifolia.

Common names: Rocky daisy, Cut-leaved daisy, Hawkesbury daisy. This species is native to Australia.

They are perennial plants that spread through stolons and reach 25 cm (9.84") in height. They have small, finely trimmed leaves. The attractive flowers are blue or mauve and resemble daisies. They bloom during spring and summer.

Rocky daisy is used in pots for balconies and terraces, for borders, for slopes and for rockeries; It combines very well with Bidens and Diascia. It can be grown in hanging pots.

Brachyscome multifida needs full sun exposure; they tolerate frosts down to -7 ºC (19.4 ºF).

Hawkesbury daisy can grow in any well-drained soil, even poor, calcareous soils.

Water moderately, waiting until the soil has completely dried.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer once a month in spring and summer.

Faded flowers should be removed and pruned in late autumn to keep them compact.

Cut-leaved daisy is an easy to grow plant and resistant to pests and diseases.

Rocky daisy propagates by seeds sown in early spring or by division in spring or fall.

Images of the plant Brachyscome multifida or Cut-leaved daisy

Brachyscome multifida
Brachyscome multifida