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Care of the plant Bauhinia natalensis or Natal bauhinia.

Care of the plant Bauhinia natalensis or Natal bauhinia

The genus Bauhinia, family Fabaceae, comprises more than 200 species of trees and shrubs native to tropical regions on all continents. Some species are: Bauhinia natalensis, Bauhinia galpinii, Bauhinia forficata, Bauhinia tomentosa, Bauhinia augusti, Bauhinia purpurea, Bauhinia variegata, Bauhinia blakeana.

Common names: Natal bauhinia, Dainty bauhinia. This species is native to South Africa.

They are shrubs or small evergreen trees with a rounded shape that can reach 2-3 meters in height. They have small, graceful lobed leaves that resemble small butterflies; the leaves are considerably smaller than the other species of the genus Bauhinia. The flowers, similar to Azaleas, are white in color and bloom from mid-spring to late summer; they can bloom several times in the same year. They produce pod-shaped fruits.

These relatively fast growing plants are used as single specimens in small gardens or in groups for medium and large gardens. They are suitable for windbreaks, for informal hedges or for growing next to walls (the roots are not aggressive).

Bauhinia natalensis can grow in full sun or semi-shade exposures (it will produce fewer flowers); they resist occasional frosts but lose their leaves; they sprout again in spring.

They can grow in poor soil but prefer it to be well drained, light, and contain organic matter. Planting is done in early spring.

Watering should be moderate all year round (increase slightly in summer); they have good resistance to drought.

Fertilize with manure or compost in late winter and with mineral fertilizer in early spring to promote flowering.

Prune lightly after flowering to keep the appearance rounded.

I's a plant resistant to pests that can suffer fungal attacks if watering is excessive.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring (put them to soak the day before planting) and by cuttings in summer.

Images of the plant Bauhinia natalensis or Natal bauhinia

Bauhinia natalensis
Bauhinia natalensis
Bauhinia natalensis
Bauhinia natalensis