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Care of the plant Bacopa cordata or Sutera cordata.

Care of the plant Bacopa cordata or Sutera cordata

The genus Bacopa, family Plantaginaceae, comprises 100 species of annual and perennial plants, mostly native to America and Africa. Some species are: Bacopa cordata, Bacopa caroliniana, Bacopa eisenii, Bacopa monnieri.

Scientific synonym: Sutera cordata. This species is native to southern Africa.

They are small covering plants up to 20 cm (7.87") in height, with dense foliage formed by evergreen leaves in the shape of a heart and with a jagged edge. The abundant white flowers have 5 petals and a yellow center; There are varieties of pink or lilac flowers. They bloom during spring, summer, and early fall.

They are used in pots due to their hanging size or near ponds in gardens.

Bacopa cordata prefers a semi-shadow exposure; in Mediterranean climate it may not bloom in summer if it receives a lot of sun. It is recommended that you receive the rays of the sun in the morning or in the late afternoon. They resist occasional low intensity frosts.

They are plants that grow in any light, well-drained garden soil.

Water regularly with little water during spring and summer so that the soil is always somewhat humid (never puddle); the rest of the year reduce the risks.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer a few days before flowering (early spring).

They can be attacked by fungi if there is excess watering.

They propagate in spring by division or from seeds.

Images of the plant Bacopa cordata or Sutera cordata

Bacopa cordata
Bacopa cordata
Bacopa cordata
Bacopa diffusa
Bacopa diffusa
Bacopa diffusa
Bacopa hybrida