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Care of the plant Athanasia trifurcata or Samphire-leaf athanasia.

Care of the plant Athanasia trifurcata or Samphire-leaf athanasia

The genus Athanasia, family Asteraceae, comprises 100 species of flowering plants native to southern Africa. Some species are: Athanasia trifurcata, Athanasia scabra, Athanasia dentata, Athanasia flexuosa.

Common names: Samphire-leaf athanasia, Thread-leaf klaas louw bush. This species is native to South Africa.

They are branched bushes and erect stems that reach 1 meter in height. The leaves are almost attached to the stems, have 3 lobes and are light green. The showy flowers are golden yellow. They bloom from spring to early summer.

They are used in bushy groups for dry and sunny areas of the garden. They are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens. They are also very interesting for floral decorations.

Athanasia trifurcata prefers full sun exposure and a warm climate; they can withstand light frosts.

They can grow in poor, rocky, sandy, well-drained soils.

Water while waiting for the soil to be completely dry. They tolerate drought very well.

Fertilization is not necessary.

Prune the withered flowers and the tips of the branches to maintain a compact appearance and favor the next flowering.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They propagate by seeds sown in autumn in a seedbed or by cuttings in summer.

Images of the plant Athanasia trifurcata or Samphire-leaf athanasia

Athanasia trifurcata
Athanasia trifurcata
Athanasia trifurcata

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