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Care of the tree Abies cilicica or Cilician fir

Care of the tree Abies cilicica or Cilician fir

The genus Abies, of the Pinaceae family, it includes about 50 species of trees natives of Europe, Asia and North America. Some species of this genus are: Abies cilicica, Abies alba, Abies grandis, Abies pinsapo, Abies sibirica, Abies spectabilis, Abies amabilis.

Common names: Fir of Cilicia or Taurus fir. It's native of Eastern Mediterranean (Syria, Turkey and Lebanon).

They are conifers with an elegant pyramid shape that can reach 98 ft (30 m) height. They have bright green acicular leaves with bright lines. They bloom in spring but their flowers are not decorative. Yes they can be the erect cylindrical fruits of reddish color with time that measure 7-10" (20-25 cm) in length.

These slow growing trees are used as isolated specimens or in small groups in medium or large gardens due to their dimensions.

Cilician fir can be grown in full sun or light shade exposure. They resist on hot summer and frost.

Although they can thrive in poor, alkaline, and rocky soils, they prefer well-drained soil that contains some organic matter. They can be planted at any time of the year.

They have some resistance to drought but will appreciate regular watering in spring and summer. Wait for the soil to be almost dry before watering again.

Fertilize with slow-release fertilizer in early spring and mid-fall.

They do not need pruning to form, only remove the damaged branches.

They are resistant plants that do not usually present serious pest and disease problems.

Propagation can be done from seed but it's a fairly slow process.

Images of the tree Abies cilicica or Cilician fir

Abies cilicica
Abies cilicica
Abies cilicica