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Care of the plant Acacia karroo or Sweet thorn.

Care of the tree Acacia karroo or Sweet thorn

The Acacia genus, of the Fabaceae family, includes some 1,200 species of shrubs and trees native to Australia, Africa, Asia and South America. Some species are: Acacia karoo, Acacia iteaphylla, Acacia greggii, Acacia dodonaeifolia, Acacia dealbata, Acacia cultriformis, Acacia longifolia, Acacia hebeclada, Acacia tortilis, Acacia truncata, Acacia luederitzii, Acacia saligna, Acacia paradoxa, Acacia tetragonophylla, Acacia melanoxylon.

Scientific synonym: Vachellia karroo. Common names: Sweet thorn, Karoo thorn. This species is native to South Africa.

They are evergreen (deciduous trees in colder climates) with rounded tops that reach 8-12 meters (26-40 feet). On the branches there are long and erect spines. The dark green leaves are pinnate. The showy golden-yellow flowers appear in pompom-shaped clusters and have a pleasant aroma. They bloom in summer.

Karoo thorn is fast growing plant that are used as shade trees or for wind barriers. It's important not to plant them near buildings because their roots are invasive and can raise the pavement.

Acacia karroo requires exposure to full sun or light shade. It's able to tolerate mild and occasional frosts.

Sweet thorn can grow in any type of soil that is well drained, even in the poorest. They will appreciate a little organic matter in the substrate.

Watering should be moderate since it is quite resistant to drought but in summer it needs some deep irrigation.

A light fertilizer with organic matter (compost) is enough in the fall.

Vachellia karroo should be pruned after flowering to give them a more compact appearance and to develop more width than height.

Acacia karroo is resistant plant that are not usually attacked by pests and diseases.

Sweet thorn propagates from seeds that we will soak in hot water for a whole night. When the seed has swollen they are sown in a seedbed. It will take between 5 and 12 days to germinate.

Images of the tree Acacia karroo or Sweet thorn

Acacia karroo
Acacia karroo
Acacia karroo
Acacia karroo
Acacia karroo
Acacia karroo
Acacia karroo